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Diwali 2 X-Mas Challenge


· Diwali 2 X-mas

This is a re-post of a series of posts that were first published as part of a Challenge I curated with Friends spanning Diwali 2016 (29 October) to Christmas 2016 (25 December). Following encouraging feedback I am sharing them on the public domain.


Diwali to X-mas Challenge Introduction 23rd October 2016

What’s the habit you would love to begin now. Prior to January 1st. Begin the New Year now by defining the habits we wish to cultivate in 2017. Create now and cultivate over the coming 12 months. Diwali is a day of new beginnings. A day of sweets, new clothes, dawn rising, lamps, fireworks and goodwill. Literally it means the Festival of Lights and symbolises the triumph of knowledge over ignorance. Christmas represents another beginning. So in between these two poignant dates let’s cultivate great habits. What would you like and commit to practising/doing daily from October 29th to December 25th. It can be one thing or more. Keep it to within 9 habits (maximum). Post your daily successes and learning here. That’s it. Think it. Do it. Share it. Repeat. I’ll be posting daily 45 second videos sharing my successes alongside cool quotes. Imaging how fantastic you’ll feel on Christmas Day. You will have already gifted yourself the best present. The gift of sustained discipline in service of a bigger goal. Discipline is the path to Abundance.

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